Taylor Swift’s Private Jet: A Closer Look

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Taylor Swift is undeniably one of the most successful artists of our time. Last October, Forbes officially crowned Swift a billionaire, making her the first female singer in history to achieve this solely through music!

Naturally, people also pay attention to Swift’s assets – including her pricey private airplane – though this spotlight hasn’t always been positive in the past few months. Here’s why.

Taylor Swift Now Has A Lavish Dassault Jet

According to reports, Swift bought the Dassault Falcon 7X (registered number: N621MM) in 2024 during her The Eras Tour. 

dassault falcon 7x

This long-range business aircraft is among Dassault’s top models. It made its iconic 2001 debut at the Paris Air Show – following the Dassault Falcon 900 that Swift had owned before – with numerous new features and upgrades in speed and range. 

Dassault Falcon 7X_AFT Cabin_3

Its cabin comfortably holds 12 to 16 passengers, and all flight control systems are fly-by-wire. Its cockpit features the EASy (Enhanced Avionics System) shared with the Falcon 900EX and 2000EX. 

The jet also has a sleek wing and three engines, and its PW300 Canada Pratt and Whitney engines provide over 6,400 lbs of thrust each. Plus, given the impressive range of 6,000 nautical miles, the singer can fly non-stop for more than 11 hours to reach the intercontinental destinations of her successful world tours without much refueling. 

Taylor Swift’s Plane Flew Over 170,000 Miles In 2023

Jack Sweeney from the University of Florida publicly announced that he had tracked Swift’s plane movements (despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter from her lawyer a few months ago).

He shared a video illustrating how Swift’s planes flew approximately 170 times just in 2023 alone, covering 178,000 miles – equivalent to circling the Earth 7 times. According to Sweeney, these flights emitted 1,200 tons of CO2, 83 times more than the emission of an average American.

While some of these flights were likely for Swift’s Eras Tour, journalist reports suggest the singer also took several pleasure trips, including the ones to support her boyfriend Kelce at his football games across the U.S.

Sweeney’s clip even includes a quote from Swift stating, “Jet lag is a choice.” The pop star made this remark after leaving her Japan tour to fly to Las Vegas – just to watch Kelce’s team win the Super Bowl.

Controversies Surrounding Swift’s Private Jet Use

Carbon emissions have been a major contributor to climate crises. Hence, Swift’s frequent use of private jets for personal matters does not sit well with the public. 

Even more concerning is that this isn’t even her first time receiving criticism for her high carbon footprint. In 2022, a study by Yard labeled her the top celeb CO2 polluter, estimating her emissions to be at least 1,100 times higher than an average person’s.

In response to these concerns, Swift’s publicist claimed that she had purchased carbon offsets to make up for her private plane travel.

Carbon offset credits involve environmental initiatives that absorb CO2, purchased by large companies and enterprises to balance out gas emissions. In this case, Swift reportedly bought twice the necessary carbon offsets for her Eras Tour, likely enough to cover her extra jet travel to visit Kelce. 

However, many climate scientists argue against carbon offset projects, claiming they do not really reduce emissions released into the atmosphere. Author Lea Thomas also pointed out that while carbon offsets might be a “bare minimum” for normal people, Swift could afford to do better given her highly successful tour.

Did Taylor Swift Sell The Jet?

Yes and no. Swift still owns the Falcon 7X plane as of our writing, but she did sell a few of her private jets before that. 

Falcon 50

Dassault 50 Falcon

Swift used to own a small Dassault Falcon 50 jet, which she bought in 2012 at $4 million. This 9-seater model was eventually sold in 2020, and Swift donated all the proceeds to a local charity.

Falcon 900LX

Falcon 900LX

She also owned a Falcon 900, purchased in 2011 at $40 million. With a range of 4,750 nautical miles and various upgrades, the Falcon 900 is extremely popular among wealthy private flyers like Swift due to its classy interiors and spacious cabin. 

However, Swift quietly sold the Falcon 900XL away in January this year. Business Insider noted that the 900XL is slightly smaller and mostly designed for short-haul trips; meanwhile, the 7X she decides to keep can accommodate far more passengers (up to sixteen) and is more suitable for long journeys.

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Swift and other A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner constantly face backlash for how they use their wealth. That is understandable, given their influence and the increasing concerns about environmental crises. 

What’s your stand on her private jet flights? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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