Discovering the secrets of the Wright Brothers to inspire a new generation

About Wright Experience

The Wright Experience is dedicated to the authentic reproduction of Wright Aircraft to recover the lost engineering genius of the Wright brothers, and to inspire new generations of innovators with the Wright brothers’ example.

Through meticulous research and reverse engineering, we have reproduced 18 Wright brother’s machines. Several of our aircraft are the sole examples of these machines in existence.

Our reproductions are airworthy and are built exactly as the Wright brothers’ original, including original and scratch-built engines.

We are proud to have our aircraft available to the public in museums around the country.

We have partnered with the Discovery of Flight Foundation to advance STEM education initiatives, as well as several other institutions, including the Smithsonian and National Park Service.

1903 Wright Flyer (A19610048000)

Join us in documenting the discovery of aviation and the process of innovation!

The flying machines built and tested by Orville and Wilbur Wright during a period of little more than a decade are singular examples of the process of innovation. Now, a century later, the Wright Experience™ goes through the same research and development processes, uses the same materials, and flies exact reproductions of the Wright Flyers. Thus the Wright Experience™ is documenting one of the most profound breakthroughs of civilization.

Sharing the Wright Experience

You can learn about science, technology, engineering, math, problem solving, history and more. It’s all the legacy of the Wright Brothers and the Wright Experience. Join us!

Sharing the Wright Experience

More than a century after the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, N.C., we at The Wright Experience get a steady stream of feedback in one form or another about the brothers, their astonishing machine and unprecedented accomplishment. We thought it might be nice to share a few of these comments and questions.

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