How Much Does A Boeing 747 Weigh? Is This Jumbo Jet Heavy?

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For those who have never known, Boeing 747 takes the title of “Queen of the skies.” Since its launch in 1969, it’s evolved into one of the most iconic aircraft in the world. So, is it the heaviest plane to earn that title? How heavy is a 747? Scroll down to learn!

How Much Does A Boeing 747 Weigh?

The weight of the 747 depends on its model and configuration. For example, the heaviest Boeing 747 plane is the 747-8 model, with its empty weight clocking in at 470,000 lbs (~213.188 kg) and MTOW at 987,000 lbs (~447,696 kg).



The first variant, the 747-100, weighs approximately 358,000 lbs (~162,500 kgs) when empty and up to 710,000 lbs (~240,000 kgs) when taking off. When it’s ready to land, the plane measures up to 564,000 lbs (255,800 kg).


Aiming to cater to Japanese airlines, Boeing launched the 747-100SR variant. Its suffix stands for “short range,” indicating its suitability for domestic routes. At takeoff, its weight reaches 599,877 lbs (~272,100 kg).


Responding to the requests of Pan Air and Iran Air, the 747-SP was born. With the name “Extra Performance,” this model connects New York and Tehran. The manufacturer significantly reduced its load capacity, resulting in a lighter aircraft. In particular, it weighs about 325,260 – 336,870 lbs when empty and 700,000 lbs when taking off.



The 747-200 hit the market with a heavier build to accommodate more passengers. There are four versions for different purposes.

On average, the empty weight of these aircraft is approximately 379,921 lbs. Due to its larger tank and capacity, its MTOW is up to 833,141 lbs.


The 747-300 arrived with interior improvements, but unfortunately, its wings only reigned the sky for two years before being replaced by the 747-400. Compared to the 747-200, this “black sheep” does not have much difference in weight. It is approximately 381,530 lbs when empty, and after boarding, its max takeoff weight reaches around 750,000 lbs.



The 747-400 is equipped with advanced technologies, such as fuel-efficient engines, new navigation equipment, etc. This model encompasses various configurations, but their average empty weight ranges from approximately 360,000 to 400,000 lbs. After takeoff, its maximum weight will increase to 875,000 – 910,000 lbs.


The latest addition to the Boeing 747 is the heaviest in its family. Its empty weight clocks in at 470,000 lbs (~213,188 kgs), while its max takeoff weight is up to 987,000 lbs (~447,696 kg).

ModelWeight (lbs)
Boeing 747-8987,000
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee2,400
Cessna 172S Skyhawk2,550
Beechcraft King Air 25012,500
Pilatus PC-1210,450
Diamond DA42 Twin Star4,407
Gulfstream G65099,600
Hawker 800XP28,000
Embraer Phenom 30017,986
Airbus A220-100134,000
Airbus A320 NEO172,000
Boeing 737-200129,000
Boeing 737 MAX 10203,000
Lockheed C-5 Galaxy833,000
Boeing 777-300ER775,000
Airbus A3801,208,000

Other Major Specs Of Boeing 747

Boeing 747 models vary in length, spanning from 184 feet 9 inches to 250 feet 2 inches (56.30-76.25 meters). Meanwhile, the difference in tail height is relatively small, only about 25 inches. Depending on the specific model, their tails measure from 63 feet 5 inches to 65 feet 5 inches.

In terms of performance, a Boeing 747 can cover a range of 4,620 – 7,730 nautical miles with a wingspan of 195 8 inches – 224 feet 7 inches. This series of aircraft can seat from 400 to 660 passengers.


What Affects The Weight Of A Boeing 747?

Several factors influence the weight of the Boeing 747, such as the fuel load, passenger capacity, cargo, fixed equipment, etc.

Is A 747 Super Heavy?

No. According to the FAA, any aircraft weighing more than 300,000 pounds is classified as “heavy.”.

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The 747’s weight varies depending on aircraft generation, models, number of passengers, fuel tank, etc. It is a testament to its robustness, adaptability, and exceptional performance. As the Boeing 747 family continues to crisscross the skies, its impact on the aviation industry remains unparalleled.

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