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Airports are essential entry points that link us to the world’s remote regions. These aviation hubs manage cargo operations, supply the infrastructure required for planes, and serve millions of passengers every year. Are you wondering which is the largest airport in the world?

Your question will soon be answered with this detailed article. One thing for sure is that you will be surprised by the impressive size of these high-end facilities!

Top 10 Largest International Airports In The World

The biggest airport worldwide is the King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia, spanning 300 square miles. The second largest one is the Denver International Airport in the USA, which is 53 square miles. The third position belongs to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport of Malaysia, measuring 39 square miles.

10. George Bush International Airport – USA – 17.1 Square Miles

George Bush International Airport

Following its establishment in June 1969, George Bush Intercontinental Airport has grown to become one of the nation’s busiest and most significant. Its 17.1 square mile land area makes it a major hub for both domestic and international aviation travel.

With five passenger terminals and five runways, it can manage a remarkable number of flights with efficiency, making it an essential hub for people flying throughout the world. Its advantageous position in Houston, an important hub for the economy and culture, contributes to its increased significance in the aviation industry.

9. Beijing Daxing International Airport – China – 18 Square Miles

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing Airport is a marvel of modern aviation infrastructure and technology. When it opened in September 2019, this major airport served as a testament to the country’s commitment to the advancement of aviation. Spanning 18 square miles, it is the biggest airport in China and is conveniently located close to Beijing’s Daxing District.

It boasts a star-shaped terminal building with an innovative and modern design that ensures smooth and easy passenger movement. The airport contributes significantly to China’s standing as a mega aviation hub because of its four runways and ability to accommodate a sizable number of both local and foreign aircraft.

8. Washington Dulles International Airport – USA – 18.7 Square Mile

Washington Dulles International Airport

Dulles Airport was established in 1962 and occupies 18.7 square miles. It stands out for having an original primary terminal configuration and a useful architectural design. In addition to being Southern Airways Express’s hub, it houses United Airlines’ primary hub as well.

The layout of the airport’s terminals consists of two middle terminal buildings, known as concourses A/B and C/D, and a central main terminal. This modern airport has four runways in total.

7. Orlando International Airport – USA – 20.7 Square Miles

Orlando International Airport

Orlando, Florida, is home to Orlando International Airport, a thriving and active aviation hub. Since it commenced operations in 1981, this airport has grown to be a significant player in the global air transportation network. It is one of the largest airports in the world in terms of land size, spanning over 20.7 square miles.

With several international destinations offering nonstop service, Orlando Airport is expected to see a surge in visitors from across the globe as they visit this well-liked, family-friendly resort area. It recently inaugurated a station for the high-speed rail line Brightline, and last year, it launched the $2.8 billion Terminal C.

6. Southwest Florida International Airport – USA – 21.2 Square Miles

Southwest Florida International Airport

By sheer land area, this airport in Fort Myers, Florida, is the third biggest in the nation. The airport itself serves as a significant center for local freight as well. Out of its 63 destinations, just four are international, meaning that Southwest Florida International Airport travels to a disproportionate amount of domestic locations.

It serves as the entry point to Florida’s southwest area despite only handling a passenger count of over 10 million last year. There are sixteen major airlines operating out of the airport, serving 59 domestic destinations.

5. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – USA – 26 Square Miles

DallasFort Worth International Airport

The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex in Texas is home to the busy Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This remarkable airport was established in 1974 and has grown to be among the busiest and biggest airports in the world. With a land size of 26 square miles, it ranks fifth globally.

DFW features a vast infrastructure consisting of seven runways and five terminals, all geared toward facilitating efficient aviation travel. Acting as a major hub for both local and international flights, the airport is an essential connection that links visitors to sites around the globe.

4. Istanbul Airport – Turkey – 29.5 Square Miles

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport, which opened in 2018, has grown to be one of Turkish Airlines’ principal international hubs. Serving both international and domestic flights, the airport consists of a single terminal.

This relatively new intercontinental airport is distinguished by its remarkable runway system, with five runways, some of which are longer than 13,000 feet. This capability enables the effective management of a high volume of flights. A comfortable and practical travel alternative for travelers commuting between Asia and Europe is the airport’s modern amenities, which include shopping, food options, and lounges.

3. Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Malaysia – 39 Square Miles

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which has come in service since 1998, is one of the main aviation hubs in Southeast Asia. Located around 31 miles (50 kilometers) from Malaysia’s capital city, it is a significant aviation hub in Asia and a popular destination unto itself.

When operating at full capacity, this huge airport can handle 1.2 million tons of cargo and 35 million passengers annually. Spread across an area of 39 square miles, Kuala Lumpur International Airport is a gigantic construction with three runways, two terminals, which is KLIA1 and KLIA2.

2. Denver International Airport – USA – 53 Square Miles

Denver International Airport

Situated in the heart of the United States, Denver Airport is a modern aviation wonder. Operating for the last twenty-five years, this second-largest airport has an area of around 53 square miles, making it the second biggest in the world. Denver, Colorado, is home to a significant hub for travelers heading throughout the nation and the globe.

The airport is well-known for its distinctive tent-shaped roof, which symbolizes the Rocky Mountains’ untamed splendor. Visitors may make use of a wide range of attractions, including duty-free stores, restaurants, and art displays highlighting Colorado’s vibrant arts and culture.

1. King Fahd International Airport – Saudi Arabia – 300 Square Miles

King Fahd International Airport

Here comes the biggest airport in the world – the King Fahd Airport, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. When it opened in 1999, this airport was 300 square miles in terms of size and was the largest land area. The vast grounds of the airport are home to several services, including cargo facilities, modern terminals, and a Royal Terminal exclusively for the royal family.

It encourages global connectivity by serving as a significant hub for both local and international aviation. This world no 1 airport boasts a robust infrastructure, including an advanced ATC system and two parallel runways to ensure smooth operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Busiest Airport In The World In 2024?

The busiest one has to be the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It serves more than 84 million passengers in 2024. The airport features 7 concourses and 9 runways to accommodate this heavy traffic.

What Is The Least Busy Airport?

Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport in Mattala, Sri Lanka, is the least crowded airport in the world. If you ever visit this place, you will notice that the average number of people going in and out of this airport’s gateway is only about 7 people a day.

What Is The Smallest Airport In The World?

The smallest airport in the world now is the Juancho E Yrausquin Airport. This place, which is situated on a Dutch Caribbean island, is only 400-meter long. It is notable in aviation history for having the tiniest commercial runway in the world!

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The Bottom Line

Now you know the top 10 biggest international airports in the world. Huge airports are being constructed by nations all over the world to meet the rising demand for tourism and international travel. With their cutting-edge amenities, these airports link continents and countries and welcome millions of people each day.

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