In Depth: The Propeller
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The Challenge:

Create reproduction 1903, 1904, and 1911 propellers that perform exactly as the Wrights' own.

The team would have to start nearly from scratch: The Wrights never patented their groundbreaking work nor produced a complete account of their inventive process.

The Wright Story: Background
Education Feature: What Makes a Propeller Work?

Download the Wright Experience Propeller Prospectus (.pdf - 16K)

Overview: The Wright Experience at Work
Research Research: The team launched an exhaustive investigation to complete the historical record on the Wrights' work and to produce a set of plans from which to carve the propellers.
Materials and Methods Materials and Methods: The team would attempt to recreate the Wrights' methods in producing exact reproductions of the propellers.
Performance Performance: The propellers would be tested in a full scale wind tunnel. Only then would the team know if the reproductions matched the performance recorded by the Wrights.
Use Use: Once tested, the propellers will be used in full scale aircraft for both flight tests and static display. They would also serve as masters for future propeller production.

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