In Depth: The Propeller
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Wright Brothers Collections
We are indebted to many fine individuals and institutions whose outstanding collections of Wright Brothers' material have been invaluable in our research. In particular we would like to acknowledge Marianne Hudec of the Wright Family; Gen. Jack Dailey, Director, National Air and Space Museum; and the National Park Service.
Wright Collections
Wright State University
Franklin Institute
Library of Congress
National Park Service
National Air and Space Museum
Carillon Historical Park
Engineer's Club, Dayton
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The following are some of the many Wright artifacts we have studied in depth from a variety of collections, including: the Wright Experience, the Wright Family, the Dayton Engineer's Club, and the National Park Service.

Vertical 4 #20
1910 Vertical Four engine, serial #20
Burgess-Wright parts
Burgess-Wright F-19 parts
1903 and 1904 propellers
1903 and 1904 propellers
1903 engine #3
1903 engine #3
1903 Flyer fabric
1903 Flyer fabric
Model K Propeller
Model "K" Propeller

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